Accelerate Your Growth & Expand Your Influence

Discover the Power of Authentic Relationships, Impactful Accountability, and Intentional Growth, As You Pursue Your Mission & Business To Make An Impact in The Lives of Men

The Dads Making A Difference Mastermind

What Happens inside the dmd Mastermind?

  • Professional Development: Through the Coordination of Knowledge, Effort, and Shared Experience
  • Community of Like Minded Men: Embedded Community of Brothers by your side helping you grow in your weaknesses and amplifying your strengths
  • Build Personal & Professional Relationships: Through conscious, transparent, private, and unfiltered conversations
  • Accountability: A trusted personal board of directors that challenge you to boost your results
  • Focus on Your Purpose: Overcome distraction, helplessness, anxiety, & isolation.
  • Increase Profit and Impact: Accelerate your growth and influence through building a network of level 5 leaders driven to help you expand your message and mission.
The DMD Mastermind

The DMD Mastermind is committed to the spiritual, relational, intellectual, professional, emotional, and physical growth of our members.

~ Cam Hall, Founder of The DMD Mastermind

join a community men holding each other accountable to their goals and their purpose

Living in isolation is exhausting. Running a business can be strenuous. The men in The DMD create connections and share resources, strategies, and experiences to keep each other on track to living a life of significance.

  • Surround yourself with others who pass their wisdom and experience to you...helping you avoid the landmines they've encountered in their businesses and in their lives
  • Your unique points of view are welcomed...if we are all thinking the same, no one is thinking. You are encouraged to be YOU. You are encouraged to challenge and to serve.
  • We aren't just focused on business...but your business is a pathway to IMPACT and SERVICE. It's time that you had a trusted board of directors in your corner.
  • Develop Stewardship in your life by managing the demands of family, work, finances, health, and service.

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There's always trouble in the shadows

  • As men, we typically find what we're looking for...the good or bad.
  • We want to be more present when we're at home with our family, but what does present look like, and what happens if we find ourselves alone?
  • Our drive to hustle and provide needs to be nurtured, protected, and controlled in a group of like-minded, impact-driven, and trustworthy men.

If you're ready to take massive action and see radical changes in your life, then The Dads Making a Difference Mastermind is the place for you.