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our mission

The Dads Making A Difference Mastermind is Brotherhood of Men Leading Men to Living an Inspired Life. In The DMD Mastermind, men are challenged to grow spiritually, relationally, physically, financially, intellectually, and professionally.

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What is a mastermind?

You may have heard the term "mastermind" thrown around over the last decade...but what is it really? Despite what the insta-gurus and Facebook advertisers tell you...a mastermind is not a coaching program...

A mastermind is the coordination of knowledge and effort of a group of individuals who work together toward a definite purpose...

Read that again...

Working Together. With a Definite Purpose.

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this is our purpose...

In The DMD our purpose is to drive Professional, Financial, Relational, Physical, Intellectual, and Spiritual Growth.

The DMD Mastermind brings impact-driven men together in a manner that builds connection, increases influence, strengthens relationships, improves health, and that encourages generosity.

the 6 Pillars of Dads Making a Difference


Professional Growth

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Through tracking, reporting, and goal setting, we’ll continuously be your trusted advisors to make sure you continue to grow and to help you learn from the experiences of others.


Financial Growth

As we grow as fathers and men, we also want to grow in our means to serve and impact the world around us. By growing our financial health we are strengthening our families and our ability to impact and serve our communities.


Relational Growth

We are here to become inspired husbands and fathers. We are here to build a legacy in our family. This is done through an intentional approach to strengthening our marriages and our relationships with our children.


Physical growth

Without your health, you have nothing. There is no goal you can reach or challenge you can overcome if you are not prioritizing your health. In The DMD we emphasize the importance of physical health. We do this through coaching, health challenges, accountability, and physical adventures.


Intellectual Growth

In The DMD we are committed to challenging each of our members to grow in their knowledge base. An example of how we do this is our "next chapter" club in which we dive into a new book every month and meet to discuss our biggest takeaways and lessons.


Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth goes beyond the borders, constraints, and practices of religion. While The DMD Mastermind is not a christian mastermind, it is based on biblical principles. Proverbs 27:17 states, "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." In The DMD we are committed to keeping each other sharp.

membership features of the dmd

As a Member of the Dads Making A Difference Mastermind

you Are a part of...

weekly Power Hour

Every week you will meet with your focus group for a 60 minute video conference. Each call consists of key topic, wins, and a "Man in the Middle".

monthly challenges

Each month there will be a member challenge focusing on one or more of the key DMD Pillars.

live Events

Members meet each quarter in a live location for networking, deep dive conversation, and professional and personal development.

next chapter

Men who read together grow together. A book of focus drives conversation and development within the next chapter calls.

The DMD Summit!

The BIG EVENT each year! The DMD Summit brings together men from all over the world to dive into personal, professional, emotional, spiritual and physical growth.

Time machine

This online resource outlines the strategies you can use to become more present, engaged, and effective.

DMD Member Directory

Connect with members within the mastermind through your own personal profile. Networking is HIGHLY encouraged.

DMD Serves

Non-Profit is for profit.

Members are encouraged to lead local "DMD Serves" groups in volunteering and service opporutnities.

Dads Making A Difference

Live Events!


Canmore & Banff

Alberta, Canada

Date TBD

The DMD Is A FIT for men who are...

  • Men who are committed to growth
  • Entrepreneurial-minded men who want to serve, coach, and mentor other men
  • Men who are wise enough to know they don't have all the answers
  • Seeking a trusted group of advisors to whom they can openly present their thoughts, questions, ideas, goals, weaknesses, and strengths
  • Seeking trustworthy men to hold you accountable to your action plan by helping you identify strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots
  • Men who are prone to emotional decision-making and seek knowledge from the experience of others to avoid landmines in your journey
  • Men who value their family over their business
  • Committed to showing up for others, serving others, and speaking into the development of other men

This is not a fit for...

  • Men with a fixed mindset who do not have the desire to be challenged or grow.
  • Men who "know it all"
  • Men who prioritize themselves over others
  • Men who are not willing to invest in their growth as a father, husband, leader, and entrepreneur
  • Men who are just after a "quick fix" or are "information gatherers"
  • Men who are takers, not givers

be a difference maker.

live an inspired life.

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