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Essential Leadership Development for the Online Business Owner. Business development and Leadership Coaching with Cam Hall through "Impact To Influence" and the implementation of "The Ripple Effect" framework will transform you from an Impactful Online Coach to Business owner and Influential Online Leader.

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WOrking WIth CAM Will Help You

  • Start your side-gig: Know you have valuable experience that could help other men? Cam guides you through the process of taking your passion and turning it into a profitable business or coaching program.
  • Share Your Message: Identify your market, nurture your following, lead with value, and increase your sales. Cam will teach you to expand your impact by focusing on value and without feeling or like your bothering people.
  • Build Your Team: Have a business that’s growing too fast? Spending more time working in your business than on your business? Losing money every month because you’re doing it all on your own? Cam will help you identify the who, what, how, when, and why of hiring your first team member and start building your team. Making sure that you are surrounding yourself with people you can trust.
  • Master Your Leadership: Move from Impact To Influence by developing the 6 pillars of leadership - “The Ripple Effect”. Cam will work alongside you AND your team to build a business worth scaling, sharing, and selling.

Impact to influence...

Cam Hall is a leadership development expert and team growth specialist. Over the last 15 years, Cam has experienced leadership success in both the public and private sectors. Cam is a Master Educator and has led teams of 100+ people toward a shared vision. Over the last 3 years, Cam has practiced as a leadership consultant to online coaches and business leaders, knowing that the shift from solo-prenuer to full-time online CEO takes guts and hard work.

Cam created Impact To Influence (ITI) to guide and transform impactful online coaches and entrepreneurs into thriving and influential online CEOs. Cam is serious, committed, and ready to help you transform into the leader your business, your community, and your family deserves through the implementation of The Ripple Effect Framework.

"I want you to be great. I want your business to grow. I want you to have influence. You have a sea of possibilities in front of you, step up, toss your first stone, complete the application, and start building your leadership “Ripple Effect” today..."

~ Cam Hall, M.Ed

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The Ripple Effect...

The Essential Framework for Leadership Development

"When I met Cam I was struggling with my team. We never seemed to be on the same page, and it was impacting the number of people we could serve. Since working with Cam I've gotten some of the best leadership advice I've ever had and have become a much stronger communicator and leader. Working with Cam literally changed the trajectory of my business."

- Mark (San Diego, CA)

"A year ago I was starting out as a men's health coach online. I wasn't sure where to start. Cam helped me clarify my direction and my message. And when the clients started to get too numerous for me to handle alone, Cam helped me identify what and how to outsource tasks so I could spend time on what I was passionate about...coaching men!

- Steve (Columbus, OH)

A customized approach to leadership development

We know everyone is starting their leadership journey in different places. Whether you’re already leading a team or you're just about to hire your first team member, Cam has a personalized leadership development plan for you.

Each plan is outfitted with training based on decades of leadership experience, business development, situational awareness training, and conflict management, that will help you scale your business, build your team, and increase your profits.

90-Minute Unlock Your Power Intensive

Whether you are a new leader, looking to make your first hire, or you're already leading a team, this 90-Minute consulting session is customized to your needs as identified on a recall. This session may cover 1-2 pillars of The Ripple Effect Framework.

  • Free 2o-minute pre-session strategy and planning call
  • 90-minute one-on-one zoom call with Cam
  • Email check-in the week following your call, covering action items identified on the call
  • Covers 1-2 Pillars of The Ripple Effect Framework
  • Additional resources and workbook provided
  • Weekly action and accountability calls
  • Cam works with your team
  • 24/7 messaging access
  • Ongoing Strategic Planning
  • Networking Opportunities

$797 uSD/session


ITI Immersive leaderSHip Development Program

The Immersive Leader program is for the entrepreneur serious about getting accelerated results in their business, building a reliable and consistent team, and developing exceptional situational awareness and communication skills. This ongoing consulting relationship covers all areas of The Ripple Effect Framework and gets you unstuck in your planning, makes your communication with your team easier, and makes you everyone's favorite boss!

  • By Application Only
  • 20-minute discovery call with Cam
  • Bi-Weekly 60-minute action and accountability calls with Cam centered on The Ripple Effect Framework
  • 90 minutes each quarter where Cam works with you and your team!
  • 24/7 messaging access
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Additional training resources
  • Mobility and agility training
  • Possible In-Person Events

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